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Living with Celiac Disease

In response to CNN’s “Is gluten free food a joke?” May 17, 2014

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People!!!! If you do not have a legitimate diagnosis (from a real gastroenterologist) requiring gluten-free diet, stop following the FAD! Those of you who are going GF “just because” is reducing the perceived severity for those of us with Celiac Disease who have no choice but to go GF! My family can’t eat at restaurants anymore because of the new GF fad! Restaurants claiming a GF menu do NOT understand what GF means! They follow the FAD and claim to have GF menus, when in fact the menu items are NOT GF! For example, processed, pre-packaged chicken broth has GLUTEN, soy sauce has GLUTEN, generic sour cream has GLUTEN, french fries or corn tortilla chips fried in a restaurant fryer have GLUTEN, etc! Sorry for my rant, but this has been so frustrating from the Celiac community!#celiacawareness #realglutenfree


I’m just making the statement that due to the new “influx” of GF people, restaurants are catering to the Fad. Majority of the “gluten free” menu items are NOT GF. Hence, “true” GF folks cannot eat out. Not only the food is not GF, but the food preparation is absolutely not GF.


I hate having to defend my diet to ensure that my diet is truly legitimate.  I wish the fad would just go away.


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