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Top Ten Gluten Free Frustrations September 15, 2013

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I posted this a couple years ago…Here it is again with some changes…


I wish I was more optimistic, but there are times when I have negative thoughts.  So, I want to share them and maybe I can feel a little better by having it “out there”.  For each negative thought, I’ll try to find a positive spin.  so, here goes.

1. I can’t stand eating out.  I feel like I’m taking such a risk and I’m such a burden when I’m dining with others.

Positive: There are gluten free-friendly places.  As long as I do my homework, dining will not seem as burdensome.

2. When I go to parties, I need to bring my own food.  This takes time and planning and it can be seen as an insult to the host.

Positive: If I tell the host ahead of time, s/he may be able to accommodate and can be understanding.

3. Traveling is a pain when you don’t know what’s available.  And if it’s a rural area, forget it- eat like a rabbit.

Positive: see #1  Also, there’s nothing wrong in bringing food when you travel.

4. I get a twitch of fury when I hear people say they’re going gluten free because they think it’s healthier, but they’ll cheat if they really want cake, pizza, bread, etc.  Seriously, why would anyone want to be on a gluten free diet, unless it’s medically necessary?  And, why say you’re on the diet if you’re going to “cheat” anyway??  I’m not empathetic to that.

Positive:  Um, let me think on that one…

5: My grocery bill is so expensive with this diet!!

Positive: At least the cost for treatment only involves the cost to maintain a diet.

6.  It breaks my heart when my daughter asks me when she’ll be able to eat gluten.

Positive: There are worse diseases out there; I’m lucky that treatment only involves a diet.

7. Sometimes I crave an extravagant cake.

Positive:  I have the talent to bake my own!

8. When I’m at a gathering involving food, I get irritated when my peers says, “Well, you can always have the salad.”  Ugh, if I hear that one more time….  Seriously, I’d like to enjoy other food besides salad.  And a dry salad (no dressing) can be boring.

Positive: See #2

9a. If restaurants are going to claim gluten-free friendly, then damn it, the dessert menu should include options besides “fresh fruit”.

Positive: Fruit is healthy.  And, if I want to have a GF dessert, then see #7.

9b. If restaurants are going to claim gluten-free friendly, then restaurants need to prepare and cook their “gluten free” meals/foods with GLUTEN FREE ingredients!  There were many times that restaurants say their tortilla chips are gluten free, until I ask how they are prepared.  Oh, they are fried in the same oil as the breaded chicken?  Um, then those tortilla chips are no gluten free.  The same goes with broth.  The same goes with soy sauce, The same goes with crab sticks, etc.

10. It’s a big tease to go the grocery store.  I visualize the store without the gluten items, then I’m slapped back to reality when I go through the bakery area.  The small of fresh baked goods is such a tease!

Positive: See #7


If I think of more, I’ll add them.  Do you have any to add???


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