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Exploring the Idea of Writing a Gluten-Free Cookbook April 2, 2013

It’s been a while since I posted on here.  Sorry!!  Life got in the way!  Anyway, I’m back on.

My daughter, Meghan, has adjusted well to her gluten-free diet.  However, I can’t say she’s loving it all the time.  There are times when she just wants to eat something with gluten and tries to tell me that it wouldn’t affect her.  Poor baby!  Well, since her dual diagnosis of Celiac Disease and Hashimoto’s, she’s grown 1.5 inches!!!!!  Yeah!!!  That’s after 3 years of no growth!

I’ve posted a collection of recipes and have more in my head.  I’m thinking about putting together a cookbook, but I’m trying to figure out the angle in how I write it.  Do I focus on children, such as a children’s cookbook?  Do I focus on the Celiac family?  I want to include advice to families that go beyond the gluten-free diet– working with schools, finding hidden gluten ingredients in non-food items, making gluten-free Play-Doh, etc.  Your thoughts would be great!

For now, I’ll just start writing!


3 Responses to “Exploring the Idea of Writing a Gluten-Free Cookbook”

  1. Good for you!! Writing a cookbook is a huge feat, and most people cower at the thought of publishing one. I’m impressed at how easily you embraced the challenge. Best of luck!

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