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Camping Sans Gluten- the Girl Scout Way September 24, 2012

Over the weekend, I participated in a training weekend for girl scout troop leaders and volunteers.  I had a  blast- it’s just like Girl Scout Camp, but with only adults.  I took two courses– Platform tent with Fire Building and Outdoor Cooking and Campfire Gourmet.  The trainers did a decent job in trying to accommodate to my needs.  Fortunately, I was not the only one with Celiac Disease in my first course.  However, the trainers did miss a couple items that they didn’t realized could contain gluten– tomato soup, marshmallows, sour cream.  It was an educational experience for all.

When you have a troop with a girl with gluten intollerance, you want to have that child to enjoy the camping experience without isolation.  My two daughters are in my troop and I want them to have the same girl scout camping experience as their peers.  So, if you are preparing and cooking meals for your troop, I suggest having the meals be gluten free.  It’s not hard, it just takes some careful thought into the recipes and ingredients. It also eliminates the possibility for cross-contamination. For example, Bisquick offers a gluten free mix that can easily be used to make dumplings, monkey bread, and biscuits.  Also, you can use Betty Crocker’s gluten free cake mix for those dump cakes. 

I ate quite well over the weekend.  Here was my menu over the two days:

– Chili with baked potatoes, salad and cornbread (can be made with corn meal and corn flour)

– Apple Dump Cake

– Breakfast Burritos (GF corn tortilla, GF sausage, scrambled eggs, and cheddar cheese) with pan fried potatoes (leftover from dinner)

– Roast turkey (yes, we roasted a 14-pound turkey)

– Mixed fruit cup (oranges, grapes, pineapples)

– Baked sweet potatoes in orange shell (left over from the orange for the fruit cup)

– Rumaki (bacon-wrapped water chesnut and pineapple)- use GF soy sauce

– Garlic-Rosemary Monkey Bread (using Gluten-Free Bisquick)

– Tomato Soup with dumplings (using GF Bisquick and cheddar cheese)

-Stir-fry vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, onion, bell peppers)

– Apple pie (see my recipe for apple pie)


Tonight I’ll post some of the recipes and some specifics of what cooking methods used.  Yes, I ate a lot and it was all yummy!


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