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Living with Celiac Disease

Happy Birthday to Kait!!! March 5, 2012



Kait celebrated her 6th birthday over the weekend!!!  We held her first “big” party at our house with her friends.  This year’s theme– Fashion Show!!!!!  We had a dozen squealing 5/6 year olds enjoying dress up and decorating their own headbands!!!  It was fun to watch!!!

With Kait’s gluten free diet, it was easier for me to bake her cake and prepare pizza for the children.  If we went to a place to celebrate, I would have had to bake a cake and provide our own GF food anyway.  We bought pizza from a local Pizzeria for the guests and heated a GF pizza for Kait and me.  I baked a heart-shaped vanilla cake with strawberries and cream filling.  I experimented with fondant and it turned out well.  Although I must admit, it looks like we were celebrating Valentine’s Day!!   Oh well, it tasted good and Kait liked it– that’s what is important!!

I’m going to play with fondant in the future so, stay tuned to future special cakes!!!


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