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Flashcards with Gluten Words- Teaching Young Children Gluten Free November 30, 2011

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My Kait accidently consumed gluten while at a friend’s house.  My dilemma– How do I teach my child to know what to look for in the ingredients when i’m not there looking over her???  When she’s with her older sister, she would look in the labeling and ingredients to check for gluten.  Although Kait is only in kindergarten, she can identify with sight words.   So, I decided to have her learn gluten words in the ingredients listing.  She already knows the term “gluten free”, so the purpose of the flash cards is for her to be able to recognize words that contain gluten.

I started with the most obvious gluten terms– Gluten, Wheat, Rye, Barley, Malt, Modified Corn Starch, Emulsifier, and Solidifier.  I have her say the words as she goes through the  flashcards.  These terms are called the “I can’t have these” words.  She’s been holding onto these cards and asks to take them with her when she goes over to her friend’s house.  I plan on making “I can have these” words (gluten-free) and symbols that are associated with gluten free.

Once she can recognize and say the words on the flashcards, I plan on having her look at ingredients from different packages.  She will compare the words and identify what are the “I can’t have these” and “I can have these” words.

So far, she likes to go through the flashcards and is proud to have them with her and be able to say “big words”!  She even has a friend who wants to learn also so she can help Kait out if she needs it!!!


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