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Cruisin’ sans Gluten November 30, 2011

Last week I went on my first cruise– Norwegian Cruise Line to the Bahamas!!!!!  My husband and I took advantage of free airline tickets and flew to Miami to embark onto the Norwegian Sky.  Because food just has to be a necessity in life, of course, I thought about what my meal options will be on the cruise.  I was hoping for the best (a variety of options), but accepting to plain steam veggies.  To my surprise, the cruise line (well, the chef) was very accommodating!!! I was able to pre-order pretty much whatever I wanted on the menu, and the cooking staff would prepare it gluten free.  So during my stay, I ate great toast and English Muffins, pizza and even Chocolate birthday cake!!!!!

When we got off the Boat, even the restaurants we ate at were aware of gluten intolerance.  When I travel, I do prefer to eat local cuisine.  Having raw conch was WONDERFUL!  I wish I can remember the name of the restaurant in Freeport, Bahamas but I will credit them for fixing a fabulous fresh conch salad (loaded with chunks of conch)!!!!  I also had the luxury of drinking daiquiris from coconuts and pineapple!

The staff at Norwegian Sky were great and highly recommend my Celiac friends to go cruisin’ sans gluten!!!!


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  1. hi, that’s a nice post. i hope you will continue to do this 🙂

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