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Oh, how I miss a good beer! November 13, 2011

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If I was given one day that consuming gluten would not affect me, I would totally down a Bass Ale and some Yuengling!!!  Well, that and a Bobbie sandwich from Capriotti’s in Delaware!!!!!!!!  This past weekend was homecoming from my Alma Mater, University of Delaware.  Although my distance and previous obligations prohibited me from participating in drunken festivities, I would be have been completely teased by the glutton of gluten in the form of the Bobbie sandwich (think typical Thanksgiving Dinner, but on a hoagie roll).

In addition to this event, my neighborhood held a festival that featured a beer tasting.  Of course, we Celiacs can’t consume traditional beer– hops and barley=miserable me!  However, there are a couple beer alternatives available.  Red bridges, made by Budweisser, has a good taste for a sorghum beer.  If beer is not the mood of the day, I go after cider– many of which are gluten free!!!  Then, there is the recently revealed Mike’s Lemonade Light beverages, if you’re into the hard lemonade.  And, if you’re really into the hard stuff, there are plenty of options with hard liquor!!!!!!

So, as Celiacs, it’s not doom and gloom on the outlook of alcoholic refreshments.  You can have your beer/adult beverage and drink it too!  (And, I’ll make my own Bobbie and enjoy it too!)


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