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My Gluten Free Pantry in a Gluten Free Kitchen October 24, 2011

As I’m talking to friends and other GF families, I receive a couple common questions– what do you have in your kitchen and what about the family members who don’t have Celiac?

Ok, so if you followed me along, you will know that my husband and I decided to go gluten free at home because it was just simply easier.  We tried having mixed meals– gluten and gluten free alternatives– but it got complicated and we found ourselves accidently contaminating cooking utensils too often.

My Gluten Free Kitchen


  • Prepared and uncooked polenta
  • Rice-  different varieties (Wild, Basmati, and Jasmine); I also keep Minute Rice which works nicely for stuffed cabbage or stuffed peppers
  • Pasta- Corn and Rice varieties
  • Quinoa
  • GF Bread Crumbs (course corn meal)
  • Pamela’s Bread Mix
  • Pamela’s Pancake Mix
  • GF Cold Dry Cereals
  • GF Oats  


  • Canned beans (garbanzo, Great Northern, White Kidney, Black Beans)
  • Peanut Butter (I’m a fan of Smuckers Natural)


  • Baking Soda
  • GF Baking Powder
  • Xanthum Gum (a neccesity for any baking as well as making pastas)
  • GF Vanilla extract
  • GF Confectioners Sugar
  • Flour- many varieties (Corn; Sorghum, Quinoa, Garbanzo Bean; Almond; Brown Rice; Sweet White Rice; Tapioca)

Special Note on Flours:  I keep a variety of flours for baking and cooking.  Sorghum, Almond, Sweet Rice, and Corn are great for baking.  Garbanzo Bean and Brown Rice are great to use as a thickener for sauces, gravies, roux, soups, etc.  Quinoa, Tapioca and Corn are great for both baking and cooking. 


  • GF Crackers (Nut-Thins and Glutino)
  • Popcorn (Natural)
  • Dried nuts (almonds, cashews and pistachios)
  • GF Chips (not healthy, but oh, so good!)
  • GF graham crackers and animal crackers (for the kids)
  • For the sweet tooth– GF chocolate sandwiches (alternative to Oreos)

One Response to “My Gluten Free Pantry in a Gluten Free Kitchen”

  1. Kevin Eichinger Says:

    As the non-Celiac in the house, I was usually the one that screwed up. I was relieved when we went to a gluten free household. Shopping is fun, like a scavenger hunt. Having a smart phone makes shopping easier. You can check to see is something is GF if it is not labeled as such. By experimenting, we are able to make anything gluten free. You have to be committed to maintain a GF house, especially with guests.

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