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Living with Celiac Disease

Challenges with Children Living Gluten Free October 20, 2011

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It’s been a while since I posted, so sorry about that!  In the last couple weeks, my daughter started school.  Before school started, we met with the assistant principals and the school nurse.  We learned we could not have a Section 504 PLan without a confirmed diagnosis of celiac disease.  My husband and I refuse to have Kait consume gluten and then get a biopsy of her small intestines. Her gastro-intestinal issues are torture enough.  So, her principals suggested we do a health plan.

In her health plan, we set up an outline of what can’t eat or touch in the classroom–including specials (art, music, PE, information technology).  We also have a plan for Kait if she does ingest gluten and is experiencing pain.  We also have a plan of what to do for classroom celebrations.  It is so important to have good communications with the teachers.  I have been very fortunate to have Kait’s teacher be familiar with Celiac Disease and understands the gluten free diet.  She informs of any birthday celebrations and what the parents plan to provide, as well as for any classroom activities that may involve gluten-items.  I, then, provide an alternative so she doesn’t feel isolated. 

One of the biggest challenges is when Kait is invovled in out-of-the-classroom activities, such as birthday parties.  Similar to the classroom, I find out what the party will be serving and again, I will provide a gluten free equivalent.  So, I do make my own cupcakes and order a GF pizza for those occassions.  However, I do feel I need to stay at the party in its entirety.  For example, in the most recent birthday party she attended, all kids received a Powerade.  I looked at the ingredients and sure enough, it had “modified food starch.”  She had juice instead, but had I not been there, she would have drank the Powerade.  It was a good lesson learn.


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