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School-age children with celiac disease– 504 Plan?? June 21, 2011

This is a call out to all educators!!!

It’s been a while since I had to think about disabilities studies (my minor in undergrad), but I recall bits of a 504 Plan.  With Kait starting Kindergarten in the Fall, I’m very concerned about potential exposure and ingestion of gluten.  It’s Kindergarten and I’m sure glue is a staple in the classroom!!!  Of course, I can bring in gluten free glue (Elmer’s), but what about protecting her in art class.  I’m thinking modeling clay (i.e. Play-Doh) and finger paints…She needs to be protected. Also, school meals.  Federally funded school lunch programs prohibit children from being excluded regardless of diet.  Is this correct?  I’m fine with providing Kait her meals and snacks.  We’ve been doing that for a while.

So, educators out there, should I be considering having a 504 Plan for Kait???


3 Responses to “School-age children with celiac disease– 504 Plan??”

  1. musichollie Says:

    It might not be a bad idea- but your BEST bet and BEST friend will be the school nurse. Get in touch with her or him now- explain the seriousness of keeping her away from gluten. If she then says a 504 plan is needed, then don’t be afraid. I don’t know the laws in Georgia, but I know in PA having the nurse send a memo (and maybe even do a teacher inservice talk about it- or maybe YOU do a teacher education about it) tends to mean more. Kait will also have to be her own advocate- teach her how to tell teachers that she can’t use something in a respectful way, because it WILL come up and the teachers WILL question her about it.

    • Amanda Says:

      I agree. And our nurse has done talks with all of the kids too, so that they understand why she can’t eat/use certain things. Then they won’t be as tempted to offer her certain foods. If she’ll be eating lunch at school you might also have a discussion about where she sits at lunch, and who she sits with. We have “nut-free” tables in our cafeteria and students who sit there can have one friend sit with them who is eating a nut-free lunch. If you are worried about other kids touching her while eating, that can help.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Thank you both for your feedback. It’s SO helpful!!!! I hope to be in contact with the school in July when I register the girls for school.

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