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Living with Celiac Disease

Being Gluten-Free is much more than a diet- I’ve been glutened, and not from food!!!! June 21, 2011

All week I’ve been feeling crappy and I know I’ve been glutened!  Yes, glutened, the term Celiacs use when they’ve been contaminated with gluten products.  However, I know I didn’t consume gluten foods.  So, I’m trying to figure out where I got it from.   Ugh!!!!  Gluten can be found in some many products, but of course, you’re not going to see the term gluten, wheat, barley, and rye.    Gluten is known to be in make up, shampoos, hand soap, lotions, toothpaste, glues, play-dough, etc.  So, the rule of thumb– always, always check the ingredients and be mindful of gluten containing terms.  I’m compiling a list of these ingredients adn I’ll be sure to post when I have them confirmed. 

I just realized my lipstick contains gluten- I use Clinique.  So, I’m going to stop using that.  I’m not certain about the other Clinique products I use– liquid mild facial soap, mineral powder, eye liner, eye shadow and blush.  I am using a new toothpaste (colgate) and we recently bought new handsoap.  Also, I discovered that some of the sanitizers contain gluten!!! 

This will be problematic for my Kait.  I have to toss out her play-dough.  I need to look at Elmer’s glue (liquid and the stick).  For school, I’ll have to be sure to specify what school supplies she can’t use.  Oh my…starting the school year will be interesting. 

When I get home tonight, I’m going to do through the products in my home and toss those that contain gluten!!!  This should be a task, and not a fun one!  😦

I’ll update you all on my findings!!!


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