Everyday Eating with Celiac Disease

Living with Celiac Disease

Picnic Lunch for Father’s Day June 19, 2011

As a family, we went to Midtown Atlanta to Piedmont Park for a picnic lunch.  Because this was to be a surprise, I intentionally did not prepare any meals ahead of time.  So, the plan was to pick up some subs from a newly opened  sub shop in Alpharetta called, Good Grubs.  The owner of Good Grubs is familiar with the challenges of eating out on a gluten free diet.  He has an area of the food prep area dedicated to only GF foods.  It is also has its own condiments to prevent cross-contamination.  Amazing!!!!!  I love the place!!!!!  So, the 4 of us went there and placed our order before going to the park to eat the delicious subs.  My daughter loves the place as well.  She gets her typical GF peanut butter and jelly.  The GF bread is SO SO good!  Of course, she also really digs her GF gummy worms!  LOL!  I had a 9″ sub with tomatoes and avocado with a pesto spread and roasted red peppers.  Mmmmmmmmm!!!  Very yummy!

It’s a great place if you’re craving sandwiches or subs (aka hoagies).  Oh, and, you can never go wrong at Piedmont Park!!!!


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