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In a Pinch Gluten Free Lunch June 18, 2011

So, today, I found myself rushing out to door to drop the kids off to camp and to get myself to work- on time!  Eh, such the life of a working mom.  In my haste of leaving the house, I forgot my lunch.  Of course, this not the first time I did this, but during my drive, I spend some time thinking about where I’m going to get lunch.  My work is not in an area that have restaurants close by, so I really do need to plan for my lunch hour in going out to actually find something.

Sometimes, when I’m in a rush, I go to the grocery store and get a GF frozen entree.  Amy’s Kitchen offers a good selection of gluten-free frozen meals that are reasonably priced.  Today, thought I discovered a new line of products by Amy’s Kitchen– the Light & Lean entrees.  I was tempted to try a dish, especially since it was 220 calorie.  There are a couple meals– Enchilada and the Soft Taco Fiesta.  Surprisingly, it was very good!!!!!!!  I would get it again.

So, check out the brand!!!  It doesn’t taste gluten-free and it’s really tasty!!!!


One Response to “In a Pinch Gluten Free Lunch”

  1. Don’t you just hate it when you forget your lunch and there aren’t any gluten free options close to work. I’ve done that a few times and it’s always when you’re rushing.

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