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Gluten free bread and breakfast December 29, 2009

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So, today I tried the gluten free bread from the Natural Foods Store in Dover.  The bread was made at Sweet Christine’s (check out the website in the blogroll).  It’s rather  dense and has a slightly sweet taste.  I made a ham and cheese sandwich with a little mayo.  I’ve never been a great fan of sandwiches and I was hoping the new bread will give me a new outlook on sandwiches- no.  Still not a fan of sandwiches.  However, I do like the bread and will eat it was a little all-fruit.  Mmm- good for breakfast!

Speaking of breakfast, I had to make a drastic change in my daily breakfast routine.  For the past couple of years, I ate Quaker’s oatmeal every day-  I love my oatmeal!!!!!!  Unfortunately, Quaker’s instant oatmeal is a big no-no.  😦  I’m aware of gluten free oatmeal products so I’m going to have to try it out.  However, for now, I’m eating gluten free Chex.  Chex cereal have several gluten free varieties- Rice, Corn, Honey Nut, Chocolate, and Strawberry.  I’m not a big fan of Chocolate or Strawberry Chex- too sweet for me.  I do like the others.

I hope you check out the latest recipe posting- my husband is the best!!!  HE made glazed pork which is a variation of one of my own recipes.  Of course, my old recipe was prior to CD.  He did great and it was yummy!!!!


One Response to “Gluten free bread and breakfast”

  1. Anya Stoltzfus Says:


    In terms of Bread, I LOVE Toro flour bread. Unfortunately, they are going to stop shipping it to the USA or already have. I bought 40 of the bread mixes and make about 1 loaf per week! LOVE them!!! And, I hated sandwiches too but had Ham and swiss yesterday and was craving more!!! Hope you find something delicious!


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