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The Natural Food Store experience December 28, 2009

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I’ve heard from many people and read online that there are many options of gluten-free products at a Natural Foods store.  Although I live just south of Newark (Delaware) in Bear, I work in Dover, which is about 45 minutes south.  The closest Natural Foods store from home is in Newark- Newark Natural Foods or sometimes known as the Newark Co-op.  However, since I do not venture there as often anymore, I looked for any in the Dover area.  To much to my surprise there is one- Good News Natural Foods, which is about 2 miles from my office!!!

So, during my lunch break, I went there to see if I can buy a loaf of bread.  You see, typically, I eat Lean Cuisines for lunch, but those days are over.  So, I wanted to expand my horizon and do some sandwiches.  Before I went down to the Natural Foods Store, I was told (from a trusted colleague who also has CD) that there is this bakery that sells really good gluten-free products in Kennett Square, PA- Sweet Christine’s (thanks Kathy!!!).  I went to the website, www.sweetchristinesglutenfree.com, and learned there are Sweet Christine’s products at this Dover Natural Foods Store.  My mission was to buy a loaf of Sweet Christine’s bread and check out the other products.

I found the loaf of bread and a couple other products, either made with millet or rice and pecans.  I chose, of course, Sweet Christine’s, even though it was $1 more expensive at $7.99 a loaf!!! Ugh!  This better be good! 

I looked at the other products at this store. I guess I appeared to be a “new” customer.  One of the clerks made the assumption I was looking for strictly gluten-free items.  He was rather nice and pointed me to the appropriate section of the store (even though I was already there).  He was nice, and to be polite, I let him show me around.  He did direct me to the frozen food section and highly recommended the chicken nuggets.   I’ll have to try that at some point.  I hope it’s microwavable because this may be my “in a bind” lunch alternative.

The items were rather expensive and I’d say about half of them I can get, either the exact same products or a comparable product, at my local grocery store.

Relying only on the specialty stores like the bakery or the Natural Foods stores to meet your dietary needs can be very expensive.  Also, not everyone have the convenience of having such stores or bakeries locally.  I’m thinking I’ll be keeping my trips to the Natural Foods store to a minimal.  I’ll go there when my sister is in town and treat us to some gluten-free cupcakes.  I’ll try the bread tomorrow and if I like it, I’ll go there to get the bread.  But for $7.99 for a loaf, I’ll keep that to a minimal as well!!


4 Responses to “The Natural Food Store experience”

  1. Susan Says:

    8 dollars a loaf! Ugh! Try “pamela’s” she has bread mixes that you make and they are alot less. Of course then you have to make t. We have a bread machine. I think you can google pamela’s and find the mix. The bakery you talked about has AWESOME brownies. Dangerously awesome. And the magazine “Living Without” has good recipes too. Try the library for back issues. It us do-able inexpensively.

    • Michelle Says:

      I should probably invest in a bread machine. I hear you- $8! That’s crazy. I’m thinking about making my own. I’ll try Sweet Christine’s and figure out how to make it on my own. I’ll check out the mixes as well. There’s got to be gluten-free, cheaper alternative!

  2. Susan Says:

    Hey look! You have a comment on your blog already!

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